In 2019, Kim Domingo and her boyfriend, cager Mike Acua, called it quits. She hasn’t had a boyfriend since. Some people believe that someone as attractive as Kim would have no trouble finding new love. So, what’s the deal? Is she still in pain? Has she made a vow to stay away from men? None of the aforementioned. Kim claims that she isn’t ready to be in a relationship at this time. “I’m not really ready yet,” she remarked, “so when?” Well, Kim is actually leaving it to fate, but don’t hold your breath. Kim appears to be unsure of what she wants in a mate.”I seem to like him,” she remarked, “but when I meet a man, he’s not the one I actually need.” He isn’t a must-have. Because I am the one who will receive it from God. We have no idea who will give.


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