Congratulations Philippines!”. So declared by Malacañang after hailing the country’s achievement of “beating” the prediction of University of the Philippines (UP) researchers that the country could have 40,000 cases of coronavirus cases by end of June. “We did not hit 40,000 or we will not hit 40,000 by end of June which is only a few days which is what two days? One day? Today is the last day already. We beat the UP prediction. We beat it! So congratulations, Philippines! Let’s do it again in July,” he added.

As the government enforced quarantine restrictions and improved testing and health care capacity, Roque cited that there has been a drop in fatality rate and the slowdown in case doubling rate and positivity rate. The country’s testing backlog is down to 1,000, contrary to (the) reported 10,000, he added. “We are winning,” Roque said beaming with pride. A team of UP researchers and scientists earlier estimated that the country’s coronavirus cases could reach 40,000 by June 30. Another study indicated that the number of infections could soar to 60,000 by end of July.

The government earlier asserted that it took the correct measures, including the strict lockdown, to contain the spread of the coronavirus amid criticisms over the continued surge in coronavirus infections in the country. Roque said the government may not be perfect but President Duterte is doing his best to deal with the pandemic. President Duterte is expected to announce the country’s new quarantine status on Monday night. The government earlier relaxed the country’s quarantine restrictions, allowing more businesses to open to jumpstart the economy. Many want to further tighten the quarantine. At least three wanted a more stringent quarantine while one requested a downgrading,” he said.


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