As the world revolves, life’s pace moves faster in time. We tend to be busy living the different sides of life— the happy, the lucky, the passionate, the forced, the scared, and all you can name. But have you ever thought about living on the side of power, resentment, and authority?

Vuuzle TV’s new series, “The Portal”, offers viewers the new side of life, where power and resentment reigns. The main character, Abraxas, literally gives you chills and effectively connects with the viewers. He can successfully convey emotions of anger, and resentment through his facial expressions, and lines. The cinematography of the available episodes is superb, with the transitions harmonizing with the tone of the scene. Lines were written well and characters have their own identity and connection.

To sum it all up, the teaser and intro leave viewers in awe and with high expectations. The whole team behind the series also assures viewers that the episodes’ quality would not decrease, so better watch out and keep your hopes up!

Curious about what’s up with the new series? Both The Portal’s teaser and intro are now available at Vuuzle TV’s site. You may consider watching it as you feed your curiosity.

For their teaser video, you can watch it here:

For their introductory episode, you can watch it here:

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Vuuzle TV offers wide range of genres for you to choose accordingly. From vintage to romance to action to news, they got it all covered for you, complete from A-Z. Of course, because Vuuzle TV loves you so much, you can watch everything for free.

Who would say no to free?


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