Everyone has a story to tell. Some people are open books, while others are secretive. Between these differences, gossip takes in. People often cross boundaries on a person’s privacy because of the urge of knowing everything, even it is none of their business. Gossiping has a danger on its side, and it is for you also to find out.

Watch the Gossip Nation video on the popular media platform VuuzleTV. Learn about how jealousy and tragedy haunt heroes with their lives tainted by gossip. Gossip Nation is a drama about a growing African community.

Gossip Nation is the first Australian film about Hollywood and also African Americans. The film is about an unemployed Nigerian teenage girl who creates chaos around herself with her gossip.

It is worth noting that the producer of the film was recognized as one of the 100 most influential African-Australians for his work promoting African films and music, the Federation of Ethnic Communities of Australia (FECCA).

You may stream Gossip Nation in the link below for free:


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