Vuuzle Media Corp Limited never fails to embrace changes as the global pandemic takes the lead with adjustments in face-to-face meetings. Last July 7, 2021, the company held its first-ever ZOOM MEETING with employees and shareholders.

Keeping shareholders updated is one of the promises the company guarantees. All partners are being informed and kept updated through daily emails sent by the Executive Secretaries. These daily emails contain regular newsletters about Vuuzle.TV such as new shows and movie promotions. Also, the daily updates feature some public exposure and promotions of the company on huge news platforms like Forbes, Yahoo!, iCrowdNesWire, and the like. Lastly, shareholders receive updates with the plans, ventures, accomplishments, and addressed few setbacks the company faces.

The Meeting

Despite founder Ronnie Flynn being admitted to the hospital, the meeting pushed through as the founder gathered strength and passion to still appear with IVs in his hands. If this brave and pure move doesn’t prove his love for the company and its shareholders, what would it be?

Contrary to what the SEC report is saying, where it is claimed that the Philippines is running a large, boiler room and that random people are used to appearing as employees, the shareholders met with the company’s workforce.

Every employee has introduced his/herself in the meeting, stating his/her credentials, duties, and how long he/she has been working. Also, the meeting featured VIP Speakers including the company’s Board and Admin Department. All employees around the world has attended the meeting. The offices from USA, Ukraine, Indonesia, Dubai and Philippines are all present.

Lastly, founder Ronnie Flynn also gave the shareholders a peek at what VUCO is all about. He also explained how much potential VUCO has in the market.


The meeting was concluded through flashing company hotlines to maintain lines open with further inquiries. Immediately after the meeting, the company sent the highlights of the meeting containing the whole recording of the session, to make way for shareholders who did not attend.

Business is booming with Vuuzle Media Corp Limited and we are always happy and excited to share this growth with you.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements!


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