Winnie Wong, also known as Penelope Pop, is a Chinese artist, graphic-designer, teacher, and YouTube Creator based in the Philippines. She is also a co-founder of Future Faces Manila, a non-profit organization supporting young people coming from low-income in studying arts.

On her YouTube platform, she shares different lifestyle hacks and tips towards minimalism. Here, she also began a number of series including How to be Basic, Starter Pack, and Yay, Nay or Meh, which are receiving lots of love from her viewers.

For this article, we’re going to tackle Wong’s Starter Pack episode, featuring shoes.

In this episode, she basically recommends a basic range of shoes one should have in her closet, and “anything else is considered as excess or luxury”.

That being said, we give you the shoes starter pack by Winnie Wong.

6 Shoes You Need in Your Closet

The Whatever Shoes

Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

According to Wong, the criteria for the Whatever Shoes is, “something you’re willing to really ruin, a pair you don’t have shame in wearing, and something that is comfortable”.

Her Whatever Shoes are the Adidas Adilette Cloudfoam Plus Stripes Slides. The reason why she chose these pair is because she can wear them anytime, anywhere. These should be something you can wear when you run errands and you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable. In short, these should be your “pambahay but outside” kind of shoes.


Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

Compared to the Whatever Shoes, these are more stylish. For this category, she has the Ancient Greek Sandals –  Eleftheria Leather Sandals. She uses this pair whenever she wants to go to the beach or if she wants something more casual but chic. “Something that looks like you put  a little bit more effort to.”


Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

Wong’s choice of flats is the Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty Flats. The reason why she chose flats is because they are “easy to put on and doesn’t require you to wear any socks”. This pair serves as a balance between your professional and personal life. In addition to that, flats make you look put together.

Dressy Shoes

Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

For the fourth pair, she introduced the white Axel Arigato Platform Sneaker. Dressy shoes should be “professional but still comfortable” and of course, something you could pair with a nice dress. You can use this type of shoes when going to an event or mall.

Workout Shoes

Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

These are basically the shoes you wear whenever you work out or go for a run. For this one, she chose the Black Nike Free Run. According to her, you need to have appropriate gear for workout in order for you to work out. Wearing appropriate footwear is important as it affects the way you walk nad it helps you avoid getting injuries.


Image source: Penelope Pop’s YouTube Channel

The final pair of shoes Wong recommends for you to have are heels. These are for formal events, semi-casual events, or if you’re really just feeling extra or look taller. Hers are the Gucci GG Marmont  Block Heels. These are black strap heels as she prefers the classic ones.

Those are the 6 types of shoes Winnie Wong recommends as starter pack. It is not necessary that you get those certain brands but just at least the style.

What do you think about her suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!


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