MANILA, Philippines: The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) goes live in celebration of World Heart Day 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave spotlight on the healthcare profession, especially for their service to the vulnerable in society. More than any normal person, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) patients are at more risk in developing severe cases. In this time of COVID-19, CVD patients are faced with a double-edged threat. Not only are they at more risk of developing severe forms of the virus, but they may also be afraid to seek ongoing care for their hearts.

In line with these, the World Health Federation launched the campaign; “Use Heart to Beat Heart Disease”. As part of celebrating the the World Heart Day 2020 in the Philippines, the PHA will hold different activities online. Here, you can join the virtual power-packed PHA-led World Heart Day 2020 celebration on Sept. 29, 2020 from 8AM to 12nn via Zoom and FB Live.

Some of the highlights of the event are- (1) Holding lay fora on common cardiovascular diseases; (2) Webinar on PHA Advocacies; (3) Soothing rhythm & blues renditions by PHA’s homegrown talents; and (4) Awarding of winners of WHD 2020 Video Contest.

World Heart Day is a universal platform that has the capability to focus attention on the millions who die from heart disease each year. Through worldwide events, the day offers health and fitness tips so people can lead a life free of cardiovascular ailments. Lastly, WHF also says September 29 is all about asking yourself: “What can I do right now to look after my heart, and your heart?”.

If you consider participating in PH’s World Health Day, you must click here to register: Webinars are also available at PHA’s facebook account:


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