Regular sports activities from “Marina Fitness” have a healing effect on the whole body. It can strengthen muscles, improve muscle endurance, and develop the cardiovascular system. In addition, exercise promotes the production of endorphins: hormones of joy. This reduces the risk of depression and depression, as well as helps reduce anxiety.

In the new issue of “Marina Fitness” on Vuuzle TV, the popular fitness trainer demonstrated training for the whole body: the superset contains 6 exercises that involve different muscle groups. Exercise should begin with a warm-up to prepare your joints for the load and warm up your muscles.

Superset from “Marina Fitness” – circuit training, where exercises are performed one after another, without rest or with minimal (for beginners). Perform each exercise in one approach, at least 12 repetitions. In total, you need to perform at least 3-4 rounds during training. At the end of each round you need to take a break – 1-3 minutes, rest and drink water.

You may watch this episode for free using the link below:

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