Starting a fresh relationship with someone is always fun and interesting.

People teach you new things throughout time. Also, they can bring out new things about yourself that you probably didn’t know.

Meeting someone new brings high hopes. Starting a relationship can be great and amazing. However, some relationships take a bad turn.

Are you on the right track?

Join Vuuzle.TV’s Let’s Talk with Bilal and fall in love with the couple Amy Fox and Hendrik Hoogenboezem!

This couple took the internet by storm when they uploaded live sessions on Instagram. Accordingly, netizens were battling through tough times during the pandemic. The couple thought of ways to lighten up moods through their videos. Also, they firmly believe that “love is better when shared”.

Happiness and love are contagious. Keeping the circle wider and making people happy often make relationships better and healthier. In these tough times, negativity really needs to be flushed away. Let us change frowns into smiles, even within the virtual world. Happiness in a click, right?

Wanna know more? You may stream Let’s Talk with Bilal, Episode 2 through the link below:

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