As weddings turn into more intimate celebrations this pandemic, it seems that photographers love to focus on crying grooms. Emotional groom reaction pictorial became a trend as it portrays the unexplainable joy of a man — soon to be husband.

Actually, why not?

Among the Filipino celebrities who just got married are couple Luis Manzano, and Jessy Mendiola. Their intimate wedding captured heartfelt moments that made the netizens gushed.

Love filled the air as the bride walks at the aisle. Amidst the cozy vibes the newly we couple gives off, memes of course emerged.

The photographer captured groom Luis Manzano as he turns into emotional groom, and the netizens loved it! Different memes got the internet laughing and everyone is going crazy! In fact, Luis Manzano himself, posted a Facebook update, asking his cute-turned-funny photo be made into memes!

Here are some of the best entries:

Try not to laugh unless you want to eat slippers for dinner!

Only Heaven knows 🎶
Call center agents can relate!
It really hurts… 🎶
Looks……. familiar..
Idol Raffy saves the day!

Do you have additional entries? Comment your bets below!


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