Liza Soberano react in a rape comment on twitter the netizen is urged her not to let a rape threat just slip off and go unnoticed. the issue happened after a tweet from the actress where she complain about the poor connection of particular telecommunications company.

She tweeted last September 06, 2020, “Converge really needs to start fixing their internet speed. I am an unhappy customer,”. and “I’m sorry your telecommunications provider isn’t taking care of your problems. In no way was it my intention to brag. I was just genuinely relieved to finally have fast internet. I know it’s a problem we are all struggling with now. So please, to all the internet providers please do your best to help people out especially at a time like this when internet has become an essential. We’re all trying to survive and get school and work done,” she said.

Following her posts, She retweet a screen capture an alleged Converge employee who supposedly made a rape comment against her.“Wala tayong magagawa, wala ng trabaho, kaya di bale ng masira ang image, magkapera lang. Sarap ipa-rape sa mga…. ewan!” (we can’t do anything, she doesnt have work and she will do anything to make a money. craving for someone to rape her.)


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