On Wednesday, April 7, actress Janella Salvador took to Twitter to slam a troll who allegedly mocked her son’s appearance. Janella wrote on Twitter on April 7: “Your humor must be very fucked up to make fun of a kid.” I can handle any abuse thrown at me with grace, but if it’s aimed at my innocent son, you’ll certainly hear from me. “PS you sure about ridiculing Jude’s face? You sure, bud? Sure na? Yowser. Ayt.” Netizens hurried to Janella to shield her and her child. “That is the manner by which harmful here in the Philippines now. So tragic how online media turned into this harmful. How I wish we’re back to the Pet Society, Restaurant City, Farmville days in Facebook, rather than despising, slamming, and harmful posts.” “That is the best activity. Uncover that credulous.”


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