Geneva Cruz opened up insecurities she had with her nose. This is even after getting plastic surgery for it.

“I was only 16 when I was asked to have my nose altered a bit and I thought something was wrong with me.”

She said she grew up confident in her own skin, thanks to her parents.

“I never lacked suitors, so I thought, ‘Hey! My nose is pretty wide but it is alright. This is until I started making movies. I was told my nose was just too big for the movie screen.”

She still struggled with her self-esteem after getting a nose job. The “trolls” took advantage of this.

She mused that the bullying she received throughout her showbiz career has made her “into a stronger person.”

Cruz also addressed fellow Filipinos who feel insecure about their noses:

You do not need to change anything in your face because you are beautiful no matter what others say.

But there is nothing wrong if you want to change something, as long as it is what you really want and not what others want.

“I am enough and I’m grateful,” Cruz concluded.

Cruz hails from a clan that is considered showbiz royalty, counting the likes of Tirso Cruz III and Sunshine, Donna and Sheryl Cruz as relatives.

She returned to the Philippines this year after being in the United States for the past few years while raising her son Heaven, 24, and daughter London, 6. Heaven decided to stay in the States while Cruz brought London back with her.


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