Actor Enzo Pineda has recovered COVID-19. Enzo posted a picture of herself and her father that is in the hospital with the frontliners. “officially a COVID-19 Survivor” Enzo said. he posted on Saturday, September 06, 2020, that he and his father have been medicating for the respiratory illness at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City and after a couple of weeks Enzo posted again a photo confirming that he is a COVID-19 Survivor.

The actor thanks to his family & friends that keeping him and his dad in a god spirit also for the Frontliners who are keeping the hard work for the battle of Enzo and his dad on COVID-19, also for taking good care of the both of them.

“Most importantly I want to thank God for giving me strength. Definitely this pandemic made me more closer to Him. I promised God that I will come out stronger mentally, physically, & spiritually after this experience. God is good,” he written on.


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