Many people are curious as to how John Lloyd Cruz felt about Ellen Adarna’s wedding to Derek Ramsay. There aren’t any surprises here. John Lloyd was pleased with it. In a recent interview with Jessica Soho, the actor joked, “Finally, she found the one.” He also expressed his desire for a “strong and joyful marriage,” which he believes is “essential to the wellbeing and growth of his child.” For those who have been living under a rock, he also stated.  Elias Modesto is the son of John Lloyd with Ellen Adarna.

“Sincerely, I wish her all the happiness in the world,” John Lloyd said as if to emphasize that he has no animosity in his heart about it all. John Lloyd is still single? “I hope I know the answer,” he remarked when asked why his previous relationships ended. Tango is unquestionably a two-person sport. In each of them, I surely squandered every opportunity. Why do we insist on it if it isn’t necessary? Maybe it’s still not right. ”


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