In time for his 40th birthday, Dingdong Dantes wrote a touching tribute to two important women in his life – his mom Angeline and wife Marian Rivera. Dingdong celebrated his birthday last Sunday, Aug. 2. “… It isn’t a day I imagined 5 months ago – definitely far from the supposed Oktoberfest-themed, 90’s rock, all-out party. That was the plan,” he wrote. Despite the shift in plans caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor said his birthday remains a blessing. He also took on the opportunity to recognise the important people in his life. “Today, I honor my mother who brought me into this world. I had to have my children to make me realize the sacrifices that our mothers do for us. She put her life on the line for me. So whenever I get a birthday greeting, I also celebrate her strength, love, and commitment in raising a stubborn boy like me,” he said.

“Today, I also honor my wife who has been my rock and core. Building a family of my own and reaching milestones have been a blissful and contented journey because I have her as my partner in and for life. So whenever you greet me, I too laud her dedication, care, and love for me and our children – who have brought so much meaning to our marriage and our lives.” It didn’t end there. Above all, Dingdong honoured our Creator. “And of course, today, I honor our Creator, who has made all things possible and surmountable for me throughout these years. So, I welcome and embrace your well-wishes so that I can continue glorifying Him.


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