Cautioning: Never gaze legitimately at bright (UV) light since it tends to be perilous. Not even quickly. Recently, Kapuso star Derek Ramsay was raced to the trauma center after he looked straight into the UV light he was fixing. Ramsay said that they have an UV light that they use in sterilizing things. In a meeting with “Mars Pa More” on GMA 7, Ramsay said that the UV light was glinting when he chose to fix it.

His better half Andrea Torres reminded him not to look straight at the UV light. Still Ramsay looked at it quickly. Still Ramsay took a gander at it rapidly. I can no longer open my eyes. They were burning, I don’t want to wake him up. The actor said he washed his eyes but it did not get any better. “I went to the bathroom, I washed my eyes. It got worse. Then it just got worse and worse, so I was forced to wake Andrea, and I was rushed to the hospital. ” Andrea chose to put some eye drops, he said. “is the point at which I shouted at the torment.” Medical specialists have cautioned the public that. UVC can cause serious consumes (of the skin) and eye injuries photokeratitis. “Evade direct skin introduction to UVC radiation and never look straightforwardly into a UVC light source, even quickly,” they said.


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