Billy Crawford posted a picture of her wife coleen garcia showing that their baby amari is breastfeeding on her, according to the post of billy, coleen is continuously to recover from, He also thanks God for taking care of her wife and her baby boy,” Amari is [a] beautiful gift we got from God. I love both of you so so so much.”

“Bear with us for a few days since @coleen is still recovering and doing wonderful!” he added. “To everyone who’s been sending gifts and food and just so much love from all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.” Coleen is a certified breastfeeding mom, and it is the most important milk in the mother coleen is just starting doing breastfeed and know a little for it, and billy doing the rest for her because he can’t move easily now because of her painful and bleeding. Billy is so proud to coleen on how can she survived the pain and the patient she’s going thru.


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