Catriona Gray, the former Miss Universe, is overjoyed after purchasing a new home! Gray posed for a snapshot with her cats on Instagram, showing a glimpse of her home. Gray, 27, is set to move into her new home in 2022. “I’ve wanted a residence of my own since I left home at 17 years old. I’ve been a nomad for the past ten years, renting and moving from place to place. But earlier this year, I finally had a place that I could call MINE. #CasaDeGray.

“I’m really looking forward to sharing how this space evolves over the coming few months, as well as #SupportLocal in and around my home, from local furniture to local artists and artisans.” “However, I’m intrigued!” What would you call my “design style”? “Netizens applauded her on the purchase, as did her pals’ beauty queens Nicole Cordoves and Sandra Lemonon. Catriona has just released her first songwriting and composing debut track, “Love Language.”


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