Actress Lovi Poe is relieved to be out of the chaos surrounding the ongoing lockdown. According to her most recent Instagram post, the hottie is actually in San Juan, La Union, with her dog Max. “Max happy on the beach when you make new friends,” she captioned one of their pictures. “Say hello to Max, guys!” she said as she introduced her dog to the crowd. Take a look at the expression.” ” “P.S. Don’t be jealous, Senor!” she said, as if addressing boyfriend Monty Blencowe. Not that she’s there for the sole purpose of having a good time.

As per Lovi, she dealt with another film there named “The Other Wife.” She portrayed it as “presumably my most provoking part to date… ” “And it’s not what you think it is. Can hardly wait to watch the film and I can hardly wait for YOU to see it,” she prodded.


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